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Green Acres Orchids has been growing Cattleya orchids for many years, and offer orchids for sale by mail order. We bought our first Cattleya orchids in 1976 when living in Honolulu, Hawaii. We now live in Florida and enjoy the sugar white beaches in our spare time. Jone is active in the Greater Orchid Society and is a member of the American Orchid Society. Currently, he is the President of the local orchid society and Priya is the secretary.

While Florida has its challenges when it comes to growing and blooming Cattleya orchids, we “hard grow” all of our Cattleya orchid plants for sale. This means that they are allowed to acclimate to an ever-changing climate. Temperatures range from 48 degrees to 95 or more. The orchid plants are toughened under the wind and thus grow sturdier pseudobulbs and inflorescence. We find many of our Cattleyas have larger and stronger flowers than when grown in the protected environment of a greenhouse. The orchid plants we offer for sale may have slight blemishes caused by weather conditions, but the Cattleya orchid flowers are superior when they bloom.

William Cattley of Barnet, England is credited with blooming the first Cattleya orchid in Europe in 1818, and Cattleya orchids are named after him. Legend has it that his first Cattleya orchid plants were actually used as packing material for other plants and that he potted them up out of curiosity. One of the Cattleya orchids bloomed, and it started his life-long obsession with collecting and cataloging the Cattleya orchid species.

The term, ” Cattleya species,” refers to specimens descended from the original plants collected from nature (and still growing there). “Cattleya hybrid” is a man-made cross-pollination of different orchid species (or a cross-breed between other orchid hybrids). Many of today’s Cattleya hybrids are cross-breeds of cross-breeds of orchids, but all can trace their parentage back to the original orchid species from which they were derived. The first hybrid orchid plant that was created is C. Hybrida, and it was registered on January 1, 1863. It is so beautiful that it is still produced today, and we offer this Cattleya orchid hybrid for sale on our New Cattleyas page because it is a favorite in many collections.

The goal of orchid hybridization is to create a better and more beautiful orchid flower, and some of the hybrid Cattleyas for sale in our catalog are the results of the latest cross-pollination of orchids. Several of the Cattleya orchids for sale are so new that we don’t have photographs of their blooms. However, you can generally predict what their orchid blooms will look like from their parentage. These new crosses of Cattleya orchid hybrids are also listed for sale on our New Cattleyas page, along with some classic, favorite Cattleyas.

Cattleya orchids are commonly called “corsage orchids” because the blooms are frequently used in corsages due to their exceptional beauty and fragrance. Some of the new Cattleya orchid hybrids are bred more for the beauty of their blooms and may not be as fragrant as others, so we note in our catalog those Cattleya orchids for sale that are particularly fragrant. In either case, we are certain that you will be delighted whenever your Cattleya orchids are in bloom.

We hope you enjoy our web site and learn more about orchid care and how to grow Cattleya orchids. Be sure to visit our Culture page to learn about Cattleya care and how we grow our Cattleyas, with our new section on How to Bloom Cattleyas. We offer many Cattleya orchids for sale, both Cattleya hybrids and Cattleya species, and you may buy orchids from our catalog online with our convenient shopping cart.

If you have any questions about Cattleya orchids, Cattleyas hybrids, Cattleya species, or have any special requests, please feel free to contact us today!