Orchid Faq’s


⇒ Are orchids hard to grow?

No. They are no more difficult to grow than many popular flowering plants. Like any plant, orchids need these essential requirements-water, fertilizer, light and air. If you grow other ornamental plants either in the garden or indoors, you can grow orchids.


⇒ Aren’t orchids terribly expensive?

Not any more. Once a hobby for the wealthy, orchids are now within the reach of any income. Modern reproductive methods make it possible for growers to enjoy plants for a reasonable price. You can spend as little as you like from several thousand to around $30.


⇒ Do orchids come from the tropics?

A great deal of orchids make their home in tropical environments, however orchids have been found on every continent with the exception of Antartica.


⇒ Are orchids short-lived?

Most are long-lived. In fact, some species are virtually immortal, given the proper attention. Divisions or propagations of orchids discovered in the 19th century are still growing and flowering today.


⇒ How often do orchids bloom?

Again, it depends on the plant. Some bloom once a year, others bloom several times a year and some even bloom continuously. The Phalaenopsis orchid can bloom up to three times each year.


⇒ How long do orchid blooms last?

It depends on the type as well as on cultural treatment. Blooms of hybrids of the genus Cattleya may last from one to four weeks on the plant. Those of the genus Phalaenopsis commonly last from three to four months.


⇒ Are orchids fragrant?

Some are so powerfully scented as to perfume an entire greenhouse or living room. A few orchid fragrances defy description, while others mimic familiar aromas – raspberry, coconut, lilacs and citrus. Others have no scent, but rely on shape and color to attract insects or birds for pollination, thereby continuing the life cycle of the species.