Who We Are

Company Profile

Green Acres Orchids is a family owned and operated company that has chosen to remain small so as to know our plants and do what we love – grow orchids! Therefore, we are always available to answer your questions and give you personal service as well as quality plants. We are located in the lovely Florida, home to wonderful wineries & beautiful orchids.

Green Acres Orchids is part of the Orchid Ranch, composed of three separate orchid growers located on the same property. We welcome visitors and are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10-5, Sunday 1-5 and are closed Mondays.

Green Acres Orchids specializes in growing orchids , primarily the warm growing slipper orchids, that are easy to grow, flower and re-flower year after year. Contrary to what you often hear, orchids are easy to grow and the plants will last for many years.

In the fall of 2001, in an attempt to diversify the core business, plans were developed for the formation of a large-scale orchid propagation. In the Spring of 2002 we unveiled “Green Orchids”, our answer to the public’s increasing demand for an affordable, elegant, year round, easy to care for product which could be distributed throughout the Midwestern United States. Our Easy Care Phalaenopsis Orchid products were specifically chosen due to their outstanding performance and resilience virtually any home environment. According to the USDA’s 2002 Floriculture Crop Summary Report, orchids now rank as the fastest growing floral crop worldwide. These unique Phalaenopsis varieties are among the easiest and most rewarding orchids to grow. Generally classified as decorative houseplants, Easy Care Orchids adapt well in both home and office environments. Each elegant Phalaenopsis bloom can last up to 3 months, providing long lasting beauty with minimal care.

Our philosophy lies in placing people first and educating plant lovers to the numerous benefits of growing orchids. Over the past few years we here at Green Orchids  have truly developed a love for these outstanding gifts of nature. We hope to spread this appreciation to all and continue to educate the American public about the great world of orchids.

Our seedlings are grown under lights at temperatures of 80 F which and 58 F low with humidity of at least 50%. When they reach near blooming size they are transferred to a greenhouse where the higher light levels aid in setting the flower buds and giving excellent blooms.

Our Mission

We would like to help you in learning more about orchids, and supply you with high quality Orchids. We have a wide selection of Paphiopedilums –Paphs-and Phragimpedilums-Phrags — in sizes from seedlings to blooming size plants. We have a good selection of the longer petal hybrids of both the Phrags and Paphs. Our Catalogue will be updated as new varieties come to appropriate size.

Please visit our contact page to send us any comments or questions. We welcome any remarks (good or bad) that you have on our new website. That said, we hope you enjoy our site and more importantly, enjoy our orchids!